Friday, January 28, 2011

Somebody Call 911...

Cookbook: The Dinner Doctor
Availability:, or your local bookstore
Shelf Factor: A keeper for me, for at least as long as I have two children under my roof!

I have had this book for quite a while.  I bought it shortly after R and I got married, in fact!  I didn't use it very often then, except for a recipe for Saturday Night Pasta that was so easy so perfect for the two of us.

Then, the heathens children came.  I no longer had the luxury of cooking complicated meals every night.  I had to get dinner on the table, and get it there fast.  And oh yeah... make sure it was deemed edible in the eyes of two picky heathens angels.

For example... see that little while speck of lint, or whatever it may be in the above photo, at the bottom left below the cookbook?  I no longer even have the luxury to make sure my house is clean all most of the time.  I thought about sweeping it aside, but that's not who I am, people!  Some nights my kids are lucky to get dinner at all and not have to eat that lint off of the table instead!

This book was made for me... and for anyone else who has young children, a hungry husband, and a busy schedule.  What I love about this book, is not that the recipes are easy (because they are... way easy), but that it is a perfect mix of little people and big people food.  It is picky palate friendly, but each recipe has just enough uniqueness and flair to it that it isn't plain or boring.  We have now enjoyed countless meals out of this book, and I have been asked for many of the recipes.

For some reason, I have never made anything from the small dessert section of this book.  So, on the plate for this weekend are brownie cookies and blackberry wine cake.  Yes, my friends... wine cake!

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  1. I may have to check it out. For Christmas this year my Mom got me "Once-A-Month Cooking, Family Favorites" where you can get everything prepared and freeze ahead of time. You can apparently cook meals for an entire month, it has the grocery list on it too.

    I'll have to check out both books!