Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Stash(es)...

I'd like to start this blog off by showing you (any of you???) where I stash my addiction. My addiction started out small... on our kitchen counter. Then it got moved to a more spacious shelf. One shelf turned into two, and it then became clear that my addiction would need its own space... it deserved its own set of shelves.

As my husband and I were bookcase shopping, he asked me if I would make him a deal.  He asked me to agree that by buying the "cookbook bookcase", I would keep all cookbooks on the shelves.  Not by the shelves, or beyond the shelves, but every cookbook I owned would have to stay on the shelves.  If they didn't fit and I wanted a new cookbook, I would have to get rid of one on the shelves to make room.  Of course, at the time I agreed.

I did try to keep my end of the bargain with that bookcase. I purged. I rearranged. I jammed those books in so tight I could barely get one out. If you came to my house, whether you were a friend, family member, neighbor, or the UPS man, you were offered a cookbook to take with you so I would have more room on the shelves.

Then... a few things happened. First, my Gram passed away at 93. My gram who I loved dearly was an organized, clean, hoarder. She kept everything. A matchbook from every hotel or restaurant she had ever been to. If you sent her anything in the mail, and I mean anything... she was keeping it. Therefore she kept her recipes and cookbooks which I was given, and there was NO WAY I was not holding onto those. Second, my parents moved and didn't have enough space at the new house to take all of my mom's old cookbooks. Drat.  I guess I had no choice but to take those too.

Now... I have this... a few shelves in our office to put more cookbooks on. Looks harmless really. In fact, my husband hasn't even noticed yet. Wonder how long it will take him...

I hope you will tag along as I delve into this deep, dark, dust bunny filled, calorie laden world otherwise known as my cookbook collection.


  1. Fun! I can't wait to see some of these recipes!

  2. Shaynee, I love your blog. I too have a slight addiction to recipes. I have a stash of recipes torn out of magazines and papers in a drawer in the backporch! I will enjoy reading more! Gail

  3. I have some of your books on my shelf here in New Zealand :)